Why Islam Channel

Islam Channel is one of the most prominent ethnic televised medium.
Available on several free to air TV platforms such as SKY TV (806) and also live online streaming (which boasts an average of 10,000 visitors a day);  we broadcast live, 24 hours a day to a global audience spanning 136 countries. With viewers from a wide array of nationalities and cultures; the core of the Channel's identity is to inform, educate and entertain its viewers with innovative and cutting edge programmes.

Being an English speaking channel with a cross community appeal, with over 1 million daily viewers in the UK alone. It is no surprise that we are the most watched ethnic channel in the U.K (source: Home Office).

Islam Channel caters to a niche market.  Whether it is food, education, business or shopping. Muslims throughout the U.K and across the world look to seek out specific services/products that can facilitate these basic requirements.  A television station such as Islam Channel proves to be the central hub of information for the Muslim world making it an ideal platform to communicate your business to a relevant audience - thus building more brand awareness and attracting an increase in revenue.

Key facts about Islam Channel’s viewers:
  1. We broadcast to over 135 countries Including GCC, Source: LyngSat
  2. Most watched ethnic channel in the UK, Source: Home Office
  3. We attract over a Million viewers in the UK, Source: Home Office & amCharts
  4. We attract 59% of the Muslims in the UK, Source: The Times
  5. Half of our viewers watch the channel daily, Source: Home Office
  6. 54% of our viewers are professional by occupation Source: amCharts
  7. Our viewers are of all faiths and backgrounds, Source: Muslim Council of Britain
  8. The Muslim community contributes £31 Billion PA to the UK economy, Source: Islamic Bank of Britain
To find out further why Islam Channel is the perfect platform for your business/organisation our sales team on 0207 374 4511 or sales@islamchannel.tv.


We have attracted major businesses and organizations such us HSBC, Asda, Vectone, Kellogg’s, Emirates, Hamptons International, Islamic Bank of Britain, Lebara Telecom, Tessco, TalkTalk, to mention just a few.

We have clients not just from the UK but globally including MIHAS , Malaysia Dream Properties and Esin Palace in Turkey.

This definitely proves that our channel is an attractive medium that is very effective indeed.

Below is a list of some of our clients:


At Islam Channel we firmly believe that we can help promote your business in the best possible way.  Here are a few testimonials from some our advertisers.

"Islamic Bank of Britain is proud of our long association with Islam Channel. We have always received a dedicated service, and the Islam Channel team has had our commercial interests at heart during all our dealings with them. They have provided excellent value for the resource we have invested, as we have had measurable uplifts in public interest from adverts we have run on Islam Channel"
Junaid A Bhatti,Communications Manager, Islamic Bank of Britain

"We have been advertising on Islam Chanel for the past 5 years. Our brand has benefited immensely. We were one of the first travel companies on Islam Channel, and being seen on Islam Chanel added a sense of 'trust' and 'value' to the brand. Our customers appreciated the fact that we appeared on Islam Channel  because the Channel is viewed by many as the leading media outlet for Muslims in the UK. Furthermore, we have sponsored numerous projects and activities on Islam Channel and that has secured our place as the leading Hajj and Umrah Service provider in the UK. I believe any Muslim company/brand would benefit from appearing on Islam Channel."

Mohamed Hassan, Operation Manager , Travel Express

"I am delighted to advise that we have found Islam Channel a very professional service and we are very pleased to advertise with high integrity an organization such as Islam Channel. We have definitely found advertising with the channel truly value for money."
Ahmed Abdi, Managing Director, Homes4Dubai LTD

"I have had a very good response since advertising on Islam Channel. In a very short space of time I have received over 300 enquiries."
Mohammed Arshad, Dream Malaysia Properties.

BRITISH MUSLIMS, MEDIA GUIDE from www.britishcouncil.org said this about Islam Channel:
"International broadcasting channels received by satellite from Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries are all popular with Britain’s Muslims, and they include news, entertainment and educational programming. But it is Islam Channel, a 24-hour English language Muslim television station based in London. That is clearest in wanted to spread the faith of Islam and to provide what it sees as Muslim view of world events."


During the last three years Islam Channel has brought the community together on a number of occasions. The most acclaimed event of the year the 'Global Peace and Unity Event' attracted over 50,000 people nationally and internationally during its 2006 conference. The Global Peace & Unity Event organised by Islam channel has proved to be the world’s largest Islamic event attracting both Muslims and Non Muslims interested to experience the diversity of Islam and at the same time gain knowledge from International speakers, acclaimed academics and scholars.

The Dawah Project

The Islam Channel also convened a conference on Islamophobia, which was held in Copenhagen. Participation in the question and answer sessions was enhanced by a television audience of millions across Europe and North and West Africa. While the majority were Muslims, many others were Christians or of other beliefs.

During Hajj and Ramadan special shows are created to enhance this joyous time. Islam Channel also has a variety of shows that will bring in your target audience needs; including sister shows, political awareness programmes, question/answer shows, and children’s programmes.

Our sales team will help ensure that your advertisement is placed at the best suitable time to help reach your target audience.