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Politics and Media
Politics and Media sees key figures engaging in lively debates on the top UK current affairs stories of the week – including the news that matters to our community but doesn’t make it into the mainstream media
In Focus
In Focus
Weekly in depth interviews with key protagonists from the corridors of power such as politicians, statesman, dignitaries; academics; thinkers and writers.
What's the moral, political and responsibilities of societies? Compass aims to challenge these concepts.
Your Views on the News
Your Views on the News
weekly current affairs viewer phone in show. It allows viewers the chance to express their views on prominent news stories that have taken place over the course of the week. Azad Ali is the presenter and he will sometimes be joined in the studio by a guest and together they will react to the callers views.
Press Release - 15th MUSIAD International Fair in Turkey

Wildlife photographer Ben Cranke on Living the Life
Living the Life catches up with wildlife photographer Ben Cranke about his travels to Brazil, Japa

Watch The Report - News Commentary: Is Ebola Going Global?
The Report Episode 90 | Part 2/4 (09/10/14) - News Commentary: Is Ebola Going Global? Joining

Islam Channel shortlisted for the AIB Awards 2014
The Islam Channel documentary entitled 'Slave Industry: A year on from Rana Plaza' has been shor

Hajj Message from CEO of Islam Channel
Dear respected Brothers and Sisters,"Labbaik, Allahummalabbaik (O my Lord, here I am at Your servi

The Islamic Economy
The Islamic Economy, charts the spending power of the Muslim consumer. The Muslim population is gr

Press Release: Crisis in the Republic
Press Release: Islam Channel - Crisis in the Republic  The Central African Republic has seen

Ramadhan Message from CEO of Islam Channel
Respected brothers and sisters,Assalaamu’Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa BarakaathuAlhamdulillah, the b

Islam Channel launched ground breaking ‘adoption’ documentary series, entitled ‘Please Can I Have a Mummy and Daddy’
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