Volunteer Club Membership Form

Dear Sister/Brother
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Islam Channel. We greatly value and appreciate your intention to offer volunteer assistance to Islam Channel.

We would like to inform you about Islam Channel’s Volunteer Club. This Club has been build for those who want to make a real difference to the community.

Islam Channel’s Volunteers Club offers our members various opportunities to develop their skills and to introduce innovative ideas to the organisation. At Islam Channel our volunteer members not only enhance their professional skills but also contribute towards the contentment of the Ummah.
The Islam Channel volunteers club offers the following membership opportunities:
  1. Volunteer Club Members

    • Work experience with the UK’s leading Islamic TV Channel.
    • Complimentary in-house training in different areas.
    • Exposure and opportunity to work at Islam Channel events and participate in other activities.
    • Networking opportunities at various gatherings.
    • Notification of other Islamic events in UK
    • Annual Volunteers Club Dinner.
    • Opportunity to be nominated as the best volunteer of the year

  2. Platinum Member

    • After successful completion of professional membership for 1 year our selected volunteers will be eligible to apply for platinum membership. Our platinum members act as team leaders for various Islam Channel activities.

Should you wish to join the Islam Channel Volunteer Club, please fill in the following form and post it to Islam Channel.

On receiving the form we will send you an invitation to attend an interview, (subject to assessment of the form) which will take place at the Islam Channel head office.
Applicants will be notified of the conclusion within 10 working days of the interview.
For any further questions please email to vclub@islamchannel.tv
We look forward to hearing from you.
Jazzak Allah Khayr


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