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Dua of the Day
Awa lam yahdi lahum kam ahlakna min qablihim mina alqurooni yamshoona fee masakinihim inna fee thalika laayatin afala yasmaAAoona

Does it not teach them a lesson, how many generations We destroyed before them, in whose dwellings they (now) go to and fro? Verily in that are Signs: Do they not then listen?

(Surah As-Sajda, (The Prostration), Ayah 26)

Jundab b. Sufyan reported:

I was with Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) (on the occasion) of 'Id al-Adha. After he had completed the prayer with people, he found that the goats had been slaughtered, whereupon he said: He who slaughtered sacrificial animal before the prayer should slaughter a goat (again) in its stead and he who has not slaughtered he should slaughter it by reciting the name of Allah.

(Sahih Muslim, Book 22, Number 4819)

Immediately following the declaration of faith called by the mu-aththin, one says:

Wa-ana ashhadu an la ilaha illal-lahu wahdahu la shareeka lah, wa-anna Muhammadan AAabduhu warasooluh, radeetu billahi rabban wabimuhammadin rasoolan wabil-islami deena.

‘And I too bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, alone, without partner, and that Muhammad is His salve and Messenger. I am pleased with Allah as a Lord, and Muhammad as a Messenger and Islam as a religion.’

Use kind words to others and smile which is an act of charity.

Jamarat Al-Aqaba :

One of the three stone pillars at Mina. One of the rites of Hajj is to throw pebbles at these stone pillars, which represent Satan.


The Beneficent

He who gives blessings and prosperity to all beings wihout showing disparity.

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