Our Vision
Our vision is ‘to be the leading light of Islamic media'
  • Islam Channel is a television channel presenting the Islamic perspective
  • Our intent is to engage our audience in a meaningful discourse concerning all aspects of Islam
  • We want Islam Channel to present the Islamic viewpoint and values through its programming
  • Islam Channel acts as an interface between Muslims & non-Muslims to remove the misconceptions people have about Islam
  • Islam Channel provides a true and quality media alternative for Muslims
  • Islam Channel aims to help the Muslims succeed within the UK on economic, spiritual and educational fronts

We intend to be the effective, successful medium of communication
  • To operate as a commercial public service broadcaster
  • To be the world’s choice among international broadcasters for authoritative and impartial Islamic information
  • To be trusted for content accuracy and expertise
  • To attract viewers from all ages, genders and races

We are targeting the English-speaking Muslims
  • The 2001 UK census found that 51% of Muslim living in the UK were born here
  • It also states that the Muslim community is 1.5 million in number
  • There are 350,000 Muslim households (source: MCB)
  • Roughly half of the Muslims in the UK are between the ages of 25–35 (source: Census)