The Deen show are Ameriacn Muslims situated in the United States and they offer to help educate and share the true message of Pure Islam without cultural, traditional or nationalistic prejudices and corruption. Brother Eddie who is the presenter of the The Deen Show not only brings different guests on to the show but also differernt topic to educate and entertain the whole household.

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Peace be upon you and thank you for tuning into the Deen Show on Islam Channel.

Let's try and give you an Idea on what The Deen Show is all about. Let's start out with this word "Deen" just so you understand that when the word "Deen" is used, it is not actually talking about some guy named Deen.

The word Deen is an Arabic word that translates to "WAY" or way of life.

Some Examples of how this word "Deen" is used from the VERBATIM word of God in the Quran are as follows:

Allah (God) Creator of the Heavens and the earth says:The "Deen"(way of life) before Allah (God) is Islam (Submission to the will of God) Quran 3:19

In another verse Allah (God) says:Today I have perfected your "Deen"(way of life), and have completed my favor upon you (mankind) and have chosen for you Islam (Submission to the will of God) as your "Deen"(way of life) Quran 5:3

Now let's explore The Deen Show and its aims.

The Deen Show is a Muslim film company that strives to provide The correct Information about Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike from Authentic sources which are the Quran and the Sunnah. They are not affiliated with any particular movement, sect, group, etc. They absolutely condemn in the strongest terms terrorism and any extremism done in the name of Islam and  refuse to associate with those who practice and condone such behavior and thoughts.

The Deen Show
are American Muslims situated in the United States it is their pleasure and privilege to help educate and share the true message of Pure Islam without cultural, traditional or nationalistic prejudices and corruption.

By watching the shows you will see that Islam is an open Book for all those who have an open heart and an open mind. You will start to understand Islam better and its views on Life. Many of the negative stereotype's one might have or has had thru watching the Media and listening to Gossip now will tend to fade because you were smart enough to go to the source and check for yourself and now finally true Tolerance and understanding can be built and maybe even a new way of Life, "Deen".

We love the true and pure Islam and the real message that it teaches: Peace; Submission; Surrender and Obedience to Almighty God (Allah). Thank you so very much for tuning in and we hope you enjoy the Show's.

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Peace be upon you...

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New This Week

My Story- Hasan

Join Guest Host Kamal El Mekki who is joined in the studio with special guest Hassan Redzovic, some of you may know but Hassan is infact Eddies father!

Join Kamal in a two part show where he talks to Hassan about his music, singing in front of Ronald Reagan and becoming closer to his deen.

Only on the Deen Show on Islam Channel

Part 2 this week

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