A round-up of our videos on social media this week

5/8/2023 1:25 PM

Here's a round-up of some of the videos we posted on social media this week.

Prophet of Mercy - Episode 18

Sheikh Yousaf Janahgir presents the latest instalment in the Prophet of Mercy series, highlighting the incredible character of our Prophet (SAW).  The series offers guidance on applying his teachings to our daily lives. You can watch the full series here.

Highlights from Eid in the Square 2023

Last weekend, we were at Trafalgar Square for the Mayor of London's Eid in the Square event. Here we have the best bits.

Mughal history omitted from Indian history books

The Indian government has been accused of changing history to support its Hindu nationalist agenda in recent months.  

As part of this campaign, it has removed references to the Mughals from history textbooks. The Muslim dynasty was in charge of the Indian subcontinent from the 16th to 19th centuries.

King Charles' inclusive coronation

Finally, it was King Charles III's coronation this weekend and for the first time, representatives from different faiths were prominent at a coronation. As we reported previously, King Charles has long shown a deep fascination for Islam.

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