COP26: A round-up of climate-related stories

11/11/2021 7:36 PM
Faces and messages appear onto the exterior of SEC Armadillo where COP26 is taking place

As COP26 continues, we look some of the climate and environment-related stories we've covered in recent weeks.

On Thursday evening, on our new current affairs show NewsTalk we will look at COP26 and explore what has been achieved from the two-week climate talk.

What is COP26 and why is it important?

If you haven't watched our video explaining the significance of why leaders from around 200 countries are meeting for the conference, then watch this video for a quick explainer.

Why Muslims need to be guardians of the environment

In an episode of IslamQA this week, Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim talked about the importance of looking after the earth and why Allah (SWT) has appointed us as stewards over it.

Check out our recent article where we compiled quotes from the Quran and hadith to show what Islam says about the importance of preserving the environment

Taking personal responsibility

On Tuesday's episode of The Today Show, we spoke to Shahin Ashraf from Islamic Relief, who is in Glasgow for COP26.

Shahin talked about how the Muslim community should be leading the way in the climate conversation. She mentioned how individually, we can contribute by moderating our consumption and changing the way we behave.

The Head of Global Advocacy also said that she hopes COP26 will help countries be more ambitious about how they tackle climate change.

You can watch the segment here

The real-world impact of climate change

A video about how climate change has transformed a Mali lake into a desert.

Severe drought is affecting parts of Turkey, which is devastating the livelihoods of thousands of farmers in the country.

Staying in Turkey, drone photos show dried parts of Lake Van as water levels of rivers and lakes in the basin decrease due to global warming.

Combatting climate change

See how Syrians are using olive waste to create a fuel alternative. The biomass fuel is used to heat homes during the winter and is an 'eco-friendly' alternative to diesel.

Finally, here's a gallery of images showing how wildfires in Turkey damaged many trees this summer. But the good news is that work is beginning to plant seedlings and help rebuild the fire-damaged forests in Antalya.