Daily Mail mocked for claiming Manchester suburb is 'no go area'

9/30/2021 1:11 AM
Manchester suburb Didsbury - a 'no-go area' for white people?
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The Daily Mail has been widely mocked online for claiming the south Manchester suburb of Didsbury is a 'no go area' for white people.

According to MailOnline, they based the article around a book written by self-proclaimed former Islamist radical Ed Husain entitled Among The Mosques: A Journey Across Muslim Britain. It then led to the site being roundly mocked on social media for claiming the affluent suburb to be a no go area for white people.

Despite this claim, in the last census conducted in 2011, Didsbury West was shown to be 84.1% white, while Didsbury East was 77.9% white.

Nevertheless, Ed Husain defended his book via a Twitter thread stating:

“There’s been much debate about my new book, but it’s not published until Thursday so I’d ask us all to hold our horses and use our God-given intellect to read #AmongTheMosques and decide ourselves. Avoid groupthink. “

"#AmongTheMosques is not about ‘no-go areas’. The issues the book addresses are much more complicated and nuanced. Some of the mosques and towns I visited were best of British. But Didsbury Mosque must improve and it needs help."

Didsbury is a suburb of Manchester, located about 7km south of Manchester city centre and is considered to be one of the city's most affluent suburbs.



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