How can Muslims invest like the rich 1%?

12/6/2021 9:35 AM
A Muslim women talking on the phone

Private equity and venture capital investment are not just the preserve of the super wealthy. Nowadays, technology advancements and the emergence of innovative start-ups has democratised access to these asset classes for the wider public.

In this The Halal Money Show segment, host Ibrahim Khan looks at how you can make investments like the rich 1%. He stresses that it is a lucrative but also a very risky type of investment.

Watch the video to find out more about:

  • Venture capital and SME investing
  • How you can invest in these asset classes
  • The potential tax benefits for investing in these schemes

The segment was taken from Islam Channel's new series - The Halal Money Show. You can watch the whole episode on catchup.

Hosted by Ibrahim Khan, The Halal Money Show is on every Wednesday at 8pm. In the series, he will look at different themes around Islamic finance over the coming weeks. Each episode includes explainers and discussions with halal finance experts.

The series is sponsored by Wayhome, the new halal way to buy a home.