Watch: How to Hajj series

7/14/2022 10:42 AM

Join us in this new series of 'How to Hajj' to learn about the ins and outs of this special time of the year.

Throughout this period, we'll regularly post bitesize videos from our esteemed sheikhs on various topics related to the Hajj. Check the page regularly to see the latest video.

The Farewell Hajj

Did you know that the Prophet (SAW) only performed Hajj once in his lifetime?

In this video, Sheikh Wasim Kempson speaks about the Prophet (SAW) performing Hajj just a few months before he passed away. He also talks about one of the most significant moments in that Hajj -  the khutbah at Mount of Arafah.

What is Arafah?

The Day of Arafah is regarded as one of the greatest days in the year.

Sheikh Abid Khan tells us why the Prophet (SAW) said Arafat is the essence of the Hajj journey: "It goes to the heart of what Hajj is all about."

Should I Marry or Go to Hajj?

Listen to Sheikh Abid on what you need to consider if you're deciding whether you should marry or go to Hajj. As you might have expected, the answer is nuanced — watch to find out more.

Hajj Steps

In this episode of How to Hajj, Sheikh Wasim Kempson explains what you need to do during Hajj.

"The most important thing for you to gather and to prepare yourself with before you make Hajj is to have Taqwa, to fear Allah (SWT), and then engage with how to perform the hajj correctly."

What is Hajj?

In this episode, Sheikh Abid Khan explains the essence of Hajj and says the Talbiyah, the prayer invoked during Hajj, actually tells us what the Hajj is about.

"When we are saying Labbyuk, we are saying we're responding to you, Allah. And this statement which is at the heart of the Hajj and Umrah, actually explains the essence of this journey of hajj itself."

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