Iftar for All: initiative provides free food parcels for those in need

4/10/2023 10:53 PM

With almost two-thirds of Muslims in the UK concerned about increased costs this Ramadan, Mayonnaise makers Hellmann's has teamed up with the Human Appeal to offer free 'Iftar for All' food parcels to those in need this month.

Research by 3Gem Research & Insights reveals that 65% of people are worried about food costs associated with Ramadan this year.  

Over three quarters (78%) say they spend more on food items during the month than any other time of year, raising fears that more families than ever before will struggle this Ramadan.

In response, the 'Iftar for All' initiative will see free food parcels distributed to those eligible across locations in London, Birmingham, and Manchester regions throughout the month.

Rachel Chambers, Hellmann's Brand Manager, says: "We're proud to be working with the Human Appeal to support those in need on the occasion of Ramadan this year.”

"We hope this year's initiative will really help some families across the country, whether they are sharing an Iftar meal with loved ones, or simply struggling to afford food during these difficult times."

Food waste in Ramadan

The trial initiative hopes to encourage people to consider food waste over celebratory periods, such as Ramadan, by using up or sharing their food and leftovers where possible.

Three-quarters (75%) of those surveyed said they were concerned about the issue of food waste over this celebratory month. As many as two in five (44%) said they threw away uneaten or leftover food during previous Ramadans.  

Of those polled, almost half (47%) said they would be making more use of their leftovers in Ramadan to reduce costs, while another 37% said they would be sharing more of their excess food with people who needed it.

With the research in mind, the parcels will feature recipes for traditional Iftar meals, created by British-Bangladeshi chef Afia Begom, alongside inspiration on how to make the most out of the ingredients to minimise waste.

Owais Khan, Deputy CEO at Human Appeal, said: "We're so pleased to be partnering with a power brand like Hellmann's during Ramadan to kick-start an inclusive call to action to support those in need in the country while also raising awareness around hunger, food security and reducing food waste.  

"Sharing food and Iftar is in the spirit of special occasions like Ramadan, and we want to show people how they can share and give back to those in need around them."

The Iftar For All food parcels will be available at the selected beneficiary centres, including Sufra Foodbank in London, Birmingham Central Mosque and Homeless Aid UK in Bolton.  

Parcels will be available for collection from 3rd April 2023 nationwide and will be helped by Human Appeal. Find more details of where to get the parcels.