Israel-Palestine war: A round-up of our social media coverage

10/23/2023 3:38 PM

Our social media coverage this week continued to highlight the human impact of Israel's attack on Gaza.

We posted about the continuing horrific bombardment of Gaza, shared viral Piers Morgan interviews highlighting the often ignored Palestinian view, and highlighted the criticism Western politicians are receiving over their stance on the conflict.

Below is a round-up of some of the videos we've shared online. You can watch our live streams here.

Al Ahli Hospital airstrike: Scenes from Gaza hospital blast

Strikes in the streets of Gaza city seen from al-Quds hospital

Gaza hospital chief issues heartfelt plea for an end to Israel's bombardment

Mohammed Hijab v Piers Morgan:"How can it be that an occupier is defending itself...

Bassem Youssef vs Piers Morgan: "You have just compared Israel with Isis"

Husam Zomlot vs Piers Morgan: "What if I'm wrong? Bring me again here and then we'll discuss it"

Irish MP blasts Israel for breaching international law before October 7

Justin Trudeau booed at recent mosque visit in Toronto

UK politicians warned of war crime charges over Gaza

Benzema, Atal and El Ghazi: Muslim footballers face backlash for Palestine support

Mo Salah calls for world leaders to unite as Israel continues to bombard Gaza

American Rabbi calling to stop cycle of death in Palestine

Makah Imam’s emotional due for Palestinians