MCB condemns the Home Secretary's inflammatory comments on peaceful protests

11/10/2023 11:35 AM

The recent article by the Home Secretary in The Times is deeply concerning. 

Attempting to publicly influence operational policing decisions is not just inappropriate; it's irresponsible. 

It directly undermines our democratic institutions and the freedoms that many have lived and died for in Britain.

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of Britons will march peacefully in London, calling for a ceasefire. Unfortunately, some, including the UK Home Secretary, have chosen to mislabel these peaceful marches as 'hate marches' and attendees as 'mobs.'

Her comments are deliberately stoking community tensions and embolden those who incite hatred and violence against peaceful citizens. 

We have already seen a dramatic rise in reported Islamophobia this month, coincidentally, it being Islamophobia awareness month. Everything from repeated Mosque vandalism to innocent women having blocks of concrete thrown at their heads, because of their Muslim appearance.

Regrettably, instead of using her voice responsibly, she continues to employ divisive language that risks tearing communities apart. Her comments, along with irresponsible reporting in the right-wing press, are creating a climate for further attacks to occur.

The conflict that has entered its 34th day with a death toll surpassing 10,500, a majority of whom are women and children. We strongly condemn the Israeli military's devastating impact on civilian life and add our voice to the global calls for an immediate ceasefire, as echoed by the United Nations and leading human rights organizations.

This Saturday, 11th November, up to a million people across the UK are expected to march for a Ceasefire Now in Gaza and end to this brutal Israeli military campaign.

They are marching for an armistice on armistice day. As with every other such protest this month, Saturday’s peace march will see people from all walks of life coming together in peace and unity to call for an immediate ceasefire.

We will also be commemorating the millions of lives lost during World War I, which include more than 2.5 million Muslims who sacrificed their lives, for the democracy we have today.

I will be joining this march for peace.