Muslim PhD student invention could cure leaky heart

1/18/2022 10:29 AM
Mariam Noor

A Muslim PhD student Mariam Noor has developed a 'significantly less invasive' surgical procedure that helps prevent leaking heart valves.

The Danish-Somali from Aarhus University, Denmark spent three years designing and developing a ring that may cure patients with a leaking heart valve, also known as aortic insufficiency.

A leaking heart valve can have varying levels of severity. Doctors usually treat the condition by repairing or replacing it with an artificial valve.

But that does involve risks, which is why engineers from Aarhus University have been working on this potential solution for several years.

"A prosthetic heart valve is an effective form of treatment, but it’s also a relatively complicated surgical procedure that brings with it a number of risks and complications in the long term. Now we have found a solution that can make it easier to treat patients," said Mariam.

"Instead of replacing the defective valve, my treatment concept is to enclose it in the main artery so it prevents blood from returning to the heart. I’ve developed a new type of ring that tightens around the aortic root to prevent this.

"The surgical procedure is significantly less invasive, and with the help of diagnostic imaging and 3D printing, we can adjust the ring's rigidity and strength to the individual patient’s anatomy. This gives us some fantastic options, and the technology has been promising during animal trials."

The engineering student said the invention will go through a few more years of testing before it can benefit patients.