Muslim Somali hero stabbed to death saving 82-year-old woman

12/6/2021 9:35 AM
Ali Abucar AliAli Abucar Ali

Tributes have flooded in for Ali Abucar Ali — the Somali Muslim who was stabbed to death trying to protect an elderly woman.

It is thought Betty Walsh, 82, was attacked outside a kebab shop in Brentford before the knifeman fatally stabbed 20-year-old Ali who tried to help her.

Norris Henry, 37, has been charged with the murder of Ali and the attempted murder of the 82-year-old, who is in hospital but with non-life-threatening conditions.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Sadaqah Jariyah in Ali's name. It has raised nearly £70k in two days.

"Our beloved brother Ali has returned to our lord, May Allah forgive him for his sins, the ones he committed in private and the ones in public, may Allah heal the wounds of his mother, brothers and friends, may Allah widen his grave as far as the eye can see and may Allah make him receive his book on the day of kiyamah on his right hand," it said.

"We lost a dear brother, the most caring, humble, funniest young man. Don't have a single memory of him without seeing his amazing smile. Alhamdulilah for he prayed salatul jummah and as we know we don't know when Allah is going to take us, for his time has come, he was murdered by the hand of a man who has taken his sins.

"May Allah rise our beloved brother Ali may Allah on the day of judgement reunite us with our beloved brother in the highest ranks of jannatul firdos."

Tributes flood in

Tributes have been paid on the GoFundMe page and on social media.

"Ali is a hero. A shining example of a wonderful human being. RIP brother, you have earned your wings," read one tribute.

"A selfless response to a wrongdoing by a man with the strong sense of community that comes from being a Basketball coach. Nothing but respect for this man and his family," read another.

On Twitter, there were duas, condolences and personal stories about Ali.

"I lost more than a friend, I lost a brother, an individual who looked out for me and others more than he looked out for himself. Forever grateful for everything he’s done for me. May Allah widen his grave," tweeted 'Avon.'

A tweeter called Nabil said: Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. Last night our brother Ali passed away. He died a shaheed trying to protect the life of another. May Allah forgive him for his sins, grant him jannatul firdous and have mercy on his soul."

And many pointed to the lack of coverage on the issue from mainstream media — there has been little mention of this story in broadcast media in particular.

Image source: Picture take from GoFundMe page