Pakistan floods: Helping rebuild the country

Islam Channel
10/10/2022 11:11 AM

Devastating monsoon rains over the summer months has resulted in catastrophic floods affecting large parts of Pakistan — the worst the country has seen for many years.  

The disaster has affected around 33 million people and so far more than 1,500 people have been killed, including 552 children.

The charity Al Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT) is on the ground providing life-saving aid to those most affected. Recently it held a fundraising event for the flood victims with special guests, including the founder of Islam Channel, Mohamed Ali Harrath.

Mohamed Ali spoke about the need for us to think about the hereafter and how our acts of ibadat, including charity, will help facilitate our journey.

"Our sons will remember us, our grandchildren they may remember us. But four of five generations down the line, no one will remember us. Who's going to remember you? It's the prayer, it's the dhikr, it's tonight you came here and donated £5 for Pakistan. That's what you are going to receive there," he said.  

He added: "Those who can't give, they may make dua for them - it's still a good deed. Those who can donate, don't ever think you're giving to them, think of it as you're furnishing your lasting place. The place where you want peace the most."  

Host & Islam Channel Presenter Na'eem Raza explained how Pakistan is not to blame for the climate change disaster.  

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"I want you to understand something, Pakistan is innocent," he said. Pakistan only contributes 1% that takes place in the climate change catastrophe that is taking place today."

Since the disaster started, AMWT has provided emergency packs, including food, tents, sleeping bags and items for babies and mothers. But once the emergency response is over, the charity will work to help people rebuild their lives and livelihoods again.  

"Today, we have some generous donors who want to adopt whole villages and their rehabilitation. So inshaAllah very soon Al Mustafa Welfare Trust will be delivering their projects on the ground," said Sadaf Javed, Managing Director of Al Mustafa Welfare Trust.

Zubair Awan, donor and supporter of Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, added: "We feel the pain of our brothers and sisters there. But what I found most important is to be very responsible. Responsible in what we feel and responsible in what we're going to be sharing and responsible in what we are going to be donating."

You can donate to AMWT emergency response here