Read and Rise - Exploring the virtues of reciting specific Surahs

3/14/2023 4:55 PM

"It will be said to the one that is devoted to the book of Allah, read and rise.” 

Check out our new series looking at the virtues and benefits of reciting various Surahs from the Quran. The series is presented by Sheikh Yousaf Jahangir. 

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Read & Rise: Virtues of Surah Al-Fatiha

In this episode, Sheikh Yousaf Jahangir explains the many benefits we can gain from reading Surah Al-Fatiha.

Read and Rise - Surah Al Mulk

Learn about the virtues of Surah Al Mulk and the impact its recitation can have on your life.

Read and Rise - Surah Ya-Sin

Sheikh Yousaf Jahangir encourages us to gain closeness to the Quran by explaining the vast number of virtues we obtain from its recitation and reflection.

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