Reminders: 6 things that'll give your iman a lift

3/4/2022 3:47 PM
Muslim woman praying

On our social media channels, you'll find plenty of short videos and posts that will boost your spiritual wellbeing.

Here's a quick round-up of some of the content we've shared over the past week:

Q&A with Dr Haifaa: What should I learn first?

Here Dr Haifaa Younis talks about what people should learn first, including what you should teach your children.

You can catch the whole series Q&A with Dr Haifaa on catch-up on our website and on our app.  

Sheikh Yasir Qadhi on the essence of faith

A relationship with Allah (SWT) is the most important relationship you can have. Trust Him and everything will always turn out fine.  

Find out more about the concept of Tawwakul:

Dua for stormy weather

It's been a lively few days in the UK with two major storms, Storm Dudley and Eunice, battering the country with wet and windy weather.  

Here's a dua for the next time you're faced with strong winds.  

What is hijab?

The hijab always garners a lot of media and political attention in the west. And in recent weeks, it's been in focus a lot more, especially with what's happening in India and France.  

Here's a short video to share, especially with non-Muslims, about what the hijab is and why Muslim women wear it.

How to have a halal relationship

Though this isn't a spiritual video as such, marriage and finding a suitable partner can certainly help boost your iman.  

Here's a video we shared, inspired by tips from our commercial partner Salams, on how to find a suitable partner the halal way.  

Quran Quote

And we finish with a quote from the glorious Quran about Allah's wisdom.

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