Sami Rhymes: exclusive performance to mark Black History Month

Islam Channel
11/21/2022 11:51 AM

As Black History Month draws to a close, we thought it was worthwhile revisiting award-winning spoken word poet, writer and coach Sami Rhymes's recent appearance on Salaam Britain, when she talked about her work.

For National Poetry Day, she gave Islam Channel an exclusive performance about Black History Month. Watch it below and see the full interview here

Let's make History

I’m a direct descendant
Of a long line of legends
Honourable men and women worthy of more than honourable mentions
The masterminds behind a number of inventions.
But when they talk about our history they never bring our successes to your attention.

Many Messengers were sent to teach us lessons.
But there’s also an army of ancestors who’ve left an impression.
From freedom fighters and victims of aggression
To martyrs who died rejecting transgression
And warriors who persevered during times of racist regimes, onslaughts and oppression.

They worked hard to draw a line between freedom and oppression.
But these days we work hard so we can draw dimes from our pension.
Journeying through this life cycle in full-suspension
Giving the dunyah our undivided attention.

Allah is the greatest
he’s blessed us with a talented tribe
of Instigators and creators.
Founders and makers.
Narrators and liberators.
A generation of change makers.
The inspirational kind
Leaving legacies behind
And now it’s our time to do our bit for mankind.
Create and leave something behind
for future generations to find.
Let’s lay down those stepping stones that will ease their climb to the top.
We’re only here for a minute so now is the time
Ready or not
to act and create and impact.

Don’t know about you but I’m hungry for change.
In fact, take note cos I’m trying to be the change.
I got a thirst for everything
And there’s a first for everything
From Adam and Hawa
To my morning kawa
And the ticking clock that acknowledges every hour
And as we draw closer and closer to the final hour
Let’s ask ourselves are we making the most of our hours?