Social media roundup: Son helps dad with Alzheimer's recite Quran

5/16/2023 9:57 AM

A look at the some of the videos we shared on social media this week, including son aids his father with Alzheimer's in reciting the Quran, the world's youngest author makes waves, and Lionel Messi's Saudi trip creates a buzz.

Try not to cry when you watch this

A son helps his father, who is hafidh and has Alzheimer's, recite the Quran to help him remember the holy book.

The world's youngest author - Saeed Rashed Al Mheir

Four-year-old Saeed Rashed Al Mheiri broke the Guinness World Record and became the world's youngest author after writing a book about kindness. The pre-schooler's book, 'The Elephant Saeed and the Bear', is about an unexpected friendship between two animals.

Messi moving to Saudi?

Is Messi moving to Saudi Arabia? Well, there have been some rumours after this recent trip to the country. This unsanctioned expedition has landed him in trouble with his current club, PSG, and there are suggestions that his contract, set to expire in June, will not be extended. That has increased speculation that a move to a Saudi club is on the cards.  

MashaAllah! Young man recites Quran in some familiar voices

How many famous Quran reciters do you recognise?

Watch how these Quran pages are put together

This mesmerising video from Islamify shows a man putting together pages of the Quran by hand.

What does the cat say?

And finally, a bit of fun, does this cat "say" Allah? Some believe he does — what do you think?

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