Thousands turn out for "fantastic" Eid in the Square

5/10/2022 7:04 PM
Graphic of family celebrating, picture of Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan said it was "fantastic" to be back celebrating Eid in London's Trafalgar Square after the pandemic put a stop to the popular annual event.  

Thousands of people attended Eid in the Square this weekend, which featured speeches, Quran recitation, children's activities and food stalls.  

The Mayor of London last held the event in 2019 but it has been been cancelled over the last two years due to Covid.  

"Well, this is fantastic after the awful pandemic to have people back in Trafalgar Square, celebrating this really important festival," Khan told Islam Channel.

"One of the things about Eid in the Square, it's not just Muslims in London celebrating but also Muslims from across the country and around the world, and also non-Muslims as well."

Khan said it was important to celebrate religious celebrations like Eid and is "proud to bring people together" with events like this.

"It's a good way to bust myths and break down barriers about our religion, cause we do unfortunately have some people who misunderstand the religion of Islam and that's why it's really important," he added.

Watch the Today Show tonight at 7pm to see highlights from Eid in the Square