Travel writer quits teaching job to explore Europe

4/16/2021 6:26 PM

Tharik Hussain is a travel writer who left his full-time teaching job to explore Europe’s forgotten Muslims.

Despite the contrasting career change, Tharik found one similarity. His latest release, Minarets in the Mountains, is the first English travel book to explore indigenous Muslim Europe through the eyes of a Muslim writer.

“The more we travel on this earth, the more we begin to appreciate what God has created. And also, we begin to appreciate what we have as well.” Tharik says. “Because when you come home, you realize how privileged you are, how blessed you are.

I always had it in the back of my head that one day I wanted to maybe step into travel writing and telling stories about journeys. There are some Muslim voices in travel writing, but in terms of actually writing books, there’s probably only one or two that I know off the top of my head (that write) actual writing books. Most of the travel writing books are written from the perspective of the very traditional, in the English world, white, middle-class, middle-aged man, normally.”

The book is among Amazon’s bestselling travel books on pre-sales, and is set for release on 15th July 2021.