Turkish Muslim viral baker can turn anything into cake

4/16/2021 6:26 PM

A talented Turkish chef is making the best use of her time during coronavirus lockdowns to focus on her hyper-realistic cakes of just about anything you can think of, and along the way, becoming a viral sensation. 

Tuba Geckil shares her hyper-realistic cakes of everything under the sun with the hashtag #everythingisacake with her followers on Instagram plus thousands of others on YouTube. Her realistic faux fruits, foods, and everyday objects made of cake have set the web on fire, going viral worldwide. 

“I loved baking cakes ever since I was young,” Tuba says. “I prepared my first realistic cake experience for my son’s first birthday. I made his favourite toy car from a cake.”

She has even turned and immortalised famous personalities such as John Lennon and Donald Trump into baked goods. You name it; Tuba has probably done it. When we say she can turn almost anything into a cake, we quite literally mean it.

As for future plans, what’s next to go into the oven for Tuba in 2021?

“I will continue with my realistic pasties in 2021, but there are some larger works. For example, I could be in front of you with a seat, or I could be in a car or Hansel and Gretel’s house. These are some of the works I want. I have great ideas, and I can’t wait to make them.”