Video: How to maximise the rewards of Hajj

6/12/2023 2:23 PM

Sheikh Wasim Kempson gives advice on how to maximise the reward of the Hajj pilgrimage.

He begins by emphasising the importance of having Taqwa or piety towards Allah.

To maximise the reward of Hajj, the Sheikh says you should do it for the sake of Allah. The second is to perform the Hajj as the Prophet (SAW) did. "Take from me your rights for the Hajj," a hadith attributed to the Prophet (SAW) narrates. 

Performing the Hajj with pure intentions and according to the Prophet's (SAW) way, one can expect to return home with no sin. He adds that there are no shortcuts to Paradise — yiou must work hard to maximise the reward of their Hajj.

Watch the video below

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