Video: No, Didier Drogba has not become Muslim

11/21/2022 11:51 AM

Chelsea and Ivory Coast legend denied that he has become a Muslim after rumours spread on social media that he had converted to Islam.

Images showed Drogba making dua with friends leading many to speculate that he had converted.  

It prompted the former striker to clarify what he was doing in a tweet: "This story is going viral but I haven’t changed religion. This was just me paying respect to my Muslim brothers i was visiting in my village. A moment of togetherness. Much love and blessings to all."

Earlier in the year, Dutch legend Clarence Seedorf announced that he had converted to Islam, while Arsenal's Thomas Partey was pictured with an imam in London holding a Quran after taking his conversion.

Other well-known Muslim footballer converts include Nicolas Anelka, Paul Pogba, Franck Ribery and Nathan Ellington.