Video: What are you asking for from Allah?

8/17/2022 5:18 PM
Cambridge Central Mosque

"Ask and you shall be given. The question is who are we asking, what are we asking for, and are we content with our Lord's decree?"

In this short video, Imam Zakarya Gangat from Cambridge Central Mosque talks about how we should be content with what we have in this life and ask Allah (SWT) for more in the hereafter.

"Allah SWT says: 'Whoever desires the harvest of the hereafter, we will increase their harvest. And whoever desires only the harvest of this world, we will only give them some of it, but they will have no share of the hereafter.'"

"We have to ask Allah for contentment in what he has given us rather than wish for more."

Watch the video to find out more from Imam Zakarya.

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