Watch: 12-year-old's question astounds TV sheikh

7/25/2022 1:25 PM
Graphic of Sheikh Samer Darwish

How many of us struggle to get out of bed for Fajr, especially in the summer months when the time of prayer is earlier? And how motivated are we to make things right?

Well, this should inspire you — a heart-warming video of a 12-year-old seeking tips on how to wake up for Fajr.

In a recent episode of IslamiQA, Sheikh Samer Darwish begins answering a question about how to not miss the Fajr prayer, without knowing the questioner's age.  

But when he discovers the question is from Kashif, a 12-year-old, he is effusive in his praise.

"My son Kashif, I appreciate that you made the effort to call us and you are concerned about the Fajr prayer," says an amazed Sheikh Darwish.  

"This is a really beautiful sign of righteousness."

He adds: "I wish all of our kids... to be like you. MashaAllah, 12 years old and you're thinking about the Fajr prayer! May Allah make your life a happy life, a blessed life, inshaAllah"

Watch the beautiful clip and also get tips on waking up for Fajr.

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