Watch: Come Iftar With Me

5/1/2022 12:02 PM
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This Ramadan, you're in for a culinary treat with Come Iftar with Me — a cooking show that is on our TV channel, website and social media platforms.

Stay nourished and energised this Ramadan with classic Asian, Middle Eastern, Moroccan and Turkish dishes perfect for suhur and iftar!

So don't be daunted by the meals you have to plan this Ramadan, watch Come Iftar With Me to find out what healthy and fulfilling meals you and your family can enjoy.  

We'll regularly update this page with the latest episode, including the ingredients and instructions on how to prepare the dish.  

Rose Falooda Cream Dessert

A scrumptious dessert and one for the 'Gram. Here's Chef Sara's easy to make Rose Falooda Cream Dessert.


500 ml milk
200 ml double cream
200 ml condensed milk
3 tbs rose syrup
2 tsp falooda powder/agar agar powder
Chopped nuts and rose petals to decorate
*Serves 6


Step 1) Mix the milk, double cream, condensed milk and falooda powder together in a cold pan.
Step 2) Gently bring to a boil whilst stirring continuously.
Step 3) Add in the rose syrup once boiled and switch off.
Step 4) Pour the mixture into desired serving dish or individual dessert bowls.
Step 5) Leave to cool for 20 minutes before decorating.
Step 6) Place in the fridge to set and it’s ready to serve and eat after an hour!