Watch: Investing in property the halal way

11/11/2021 10:20 PM
stock image of a house and money being invested

Property is a great investment class as it is backed by an asset, is relatively stable and its value rarely goes down to zero. So it's no wonder that Muslims often see it as the 'go to' investment type. 

In this The Halal Money Show segment, host Ibrahim Khan looks at some of the benefits of investing in property and the ways you can get into it.

Watch the video to find answers to the following questions:

  • What type of property investing is out there?
  • Are there any high return areas in property?
  • Where can you invest?

The segment was taken from Islam Channel's new series - The Halal Money Show. You can watch the whole episode on catchup. 

Hosted by Ibrahim Khan, The Halal Money Show is on every Wednesday at 8pm. In the series, he will look at different themes around Islamic finance over the coming weeks. Each episode includes explainers and discussions with halal finance experts.

The series is sponsored by Wayhome, the new halal way to buy a home.