Watch: Moment Islam Channel viewer takes Shahada live on air

4/23/2023 3:29 PM

During Ramadan, Islam Channel hosts live charity appeals every night. Our viewers are generous and giving — inspiring many people to not only give, but also see Islam's beauty.

The last night of charity appeals had an unexpected moment as one of our viewers was moved enough to become Muslim. Here’s the moment she recites her shahada live on air.  

Islam Channel has held many charity appeals during Ramadan on our various channels, including Islam Channel Urdu and Islam Channel Bangla, raising millions of pounds for our charity partners.  

In its first Ramadan, Islam Channel Bangla received a great response from the community. On the 27th night, it saw incredible generosity as its viewers raised over £1.45 million for Muslim Hands to help the people of Syria, Palestine and Yemen.

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