Watch: Muslim shopkeeper praised for showing compassion to thief

3/14/2023 4:55 PM

The Muslim owner of a mobile phone shop in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, offered to help a thief who tried stealing mobile phones from his shop.

Afzal Adam posted a video of a young man trying to get away with a phone from his shop but failing due to an automatic door lock. The resigned thief then hands back the phone before he is allowed to leave.  

The video went viral online and Adam also received praise for his compassionate message to help the thief.  

“Many of you may have come across a video of an attempted theft at our store earlier today," Adam posted on Instagram.

"As much as we do not condone theft, we would like to reach out to this particular individual.

“Times are difficult for many of us at the moment, so if you are struggling to put food on the table, please come visit us in store to see how we can help.

“To those on social media asking why we didn’t ‘beat him up’, violence is not the answer.

"The Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, said: “Be merciful to others and you will receive mercy. Forgive others and Allah will forgive you.”

Praise for shopkeeper

On social media, people expressed their surprise and support for the shopkeeper's acts of kindness.  

“Good example of a true muslim.. Alhamdulillah.. and also good security door,” said one user on Twitter.  

Another said: “This is the kinda of love that exists in Islam that they won’t show you on British tabloids.”

The comments triggered other stories of Muslim kindness and compassion.  

A user said: “I don’t know much about it myself, I’m an atheist of Christian background, but that’s every Muslim I’ve ever met, and that’s quite a few. Sound heads, for the most part, and if you’re being cared for by them, you will be 100% to the full extent.”  

Someone else added: “My Muslim neighbours who when I became quite ill in 2019 & constantly telling them I'd be fine, simply called an ambulance one day & when I came home a few days later, told by doctors to rest for a few weeks, they came in every morning & tea time with hot food, water & tea.”

It’s not the first time that Muslim shopkeepers imbuing Islamic qualities have made the news.  

One of the famous ones is from 2009 relating to a Pakistani Muslim in New York who converted the would-be-thief to Islam, made him pledge never to steal again, then gave him $40 and a loaf bread to feed his family.  

Six-months later, the shoplifter sent $50 and a thank you letter to the shopkeeper for saving him from a life of crime and turning him to Islam.