What's the point of caring about halal money?

11/10/2021 2:33 PM
Picture of Ibrahim

Muslims have many questions and gripes about Islamic finance; many see it as a more expensive option to conventional products and services, while others question its religious legitimacy.

In this video Ibrahim Khan, our host for our new The Halal Money Show, delves into those knotty issues and gives you his take.

Khan looks at how these products are structured in a shariah-compliant way and why they can sometimes be a little bit more expensive than conventional products.

Watch the video to find out more about what he says about these questions:

  • Isn't halal investing just the same as normal investing but with different branding?
  • Why is halal finance and investment expensive?
  • Why does Allah care about where my pension is?

(This video is not financial advice - it is meant for educational and entertainment purposes. Always conduct your own research and talk to a financial advisor before making any investment decisions)

The segment was taken from Islam Channel's new series - The Halal Money Show. You can watch the whole episode on catchup

Hosted by Ibrahim Khan, The Halal Money Show is on every Wednesday at 8pm. In the series, he will look at different themes around Islamic finance over the coming weeks. Each episode will have explainers, discussions with halal finance experts and a live phone-in where you can raise any questions related to the show.

The series is sponsored by Wayhome, the new halal way to buy a home.