Who are the Taliban? Join the debate on Islam Channel

9/30/2021 1:03 AM
Who are the Taliban? Islam Channel talks to experts in Afghanistan

Islam Channel's The Review - Afghanistan Special, hosted by Aaqil Ahmed, former Head of Religion at the BBC, brought together experts in Afghanistan to discuss one of the burning issues of the day.

Enjoy a preview of the show as guests discuss the Taliban and the current situation in Afghanistan today. They demonstrate why the binary approach of the UK media is neither appropriate nor accurate, given the chequered history of Afghanistan with its long history of failed occupation by the British, the Soviets and the US. They show the wide variety of opinions within Afghanistan itself and within the wider Muslim community.

Guests in the studio enjoyed a lively debate. Aaqil Ahmed was joined by:

  • Fahima Zaheen, Executive Director of Afghan Association, Paiwand, a London-based charity, run by and for the refugee community, which helps refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants to build a happy life in the UK.
  • Jahangir Mohammed, Director of think tank, the Ayaan Institute, a prolific writer, thinker, and commentator on Muslim global affairs.
  • Dr Salman Momin, CEO of Human Relief Mission, a charity run by Afghans and active in Afghanistan.
  • Khola Hasan, Sharia Council scholar, who was recently vilified by the UK right-wing media for trying to inject some nuance and a reasoned British Muslim perspective into the debate.

Guests discussed questions such as: 'Who are the Taliban?' 'Is the US responsible for Afghanistan?' and 'What is happening in Afghanistan right now?'

They were joined by guests currently in Afghanistan, including Afghan journalist, Fazelminallah Qazizai, who joined the discussion from Kabul and gave context to the debate by describing the historic context of Soviet, British and US occupation, and how the Taliban emerged from rival lines, fighting against the Soviets.

Watch the full show here or download the app, from wherever you usually get your apps, and search 'Afghanistan'.