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Fajr 6:10 AM
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Dua of the Day
JaAAala Allahu alkaAAbata albayta alharama qiyaman lilnnasi waalshshahra alharama waalhadya waalqalaida thalika litaAAlamoo anna Allaha yaAAlamu ma fee alssamawati wama fee alardi waanna Allaha bikulli shayin AAaleemun

Allah has made the Kabah, the Sacred House, an asylum of security and Hajj and Umrah (pilgrimage) for mankind, and also the Sacred Month and the animals of offerings and the garlanded (people or animals, etc. marked with the garlands on their necks made from the outer part of the stem of the Makkah trees for their security), that you may know that Allah has knowledge of all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth, and that Allah is the AllKnower of each and everything.

(Surah Al-Maeda (The Table Spread), Ayah 97)

Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) narrated

that the Messenger of Allah (may peace he upon him) made a mention of the new moon and (in this connection) said: Observe fast when you see it (the new moon) and break fast when you see it (the new moon of Shawwal), but when (the actual position of the month is) concealed from you (on account of cloudy sky), then count thirty days.

(Sahih Muslim, Book 6, Number 2381)

When afflicted by whispering in prayer/ recitation

‘othman Ibn Al-AAas (r.a.a.) narrated: I said ‘O Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wa salam), verily the devil comes between me and my prayer and recitation making me confused’ The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wa salam) replied ‘That is a devil called Khanzab, so if you sense his presence then seek refuge in Allah from him and spit (A form of spitting comprising mainly of air with little spittle) on your left side three times.’

Remember to be patient in life, especially at the onset of a calamity.

Bakka means:

Another name for Makkah. See Holy Quran, Al Imran (3:96).


The Maintainer

He Who sustains.

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