Islam Channel Provides Alternative News

About us

Broadcasting from the heart of London, Islam Channel provides alt news, current affairs and entertainment programming from an Islamic perspective.

Since its launch in 2004 Islam Channel has developed into a platform for ingenious and practical television complementing the definition of good programming. A 24-hour channel, the English-language programmes are aimed at both Muslim and non-Muslim viewers. From news analysis, to religious and spiritual series, lifestyle shows and hard-hitting investigative documentaries, the Channel’s programmes offer a fresh and alternative approach to broadcast media.

Islam Channel has established itself as the leading, free-to-air, English language, channel dedicated to providing an alternative view. It is broadcast to over 136 countries worldwide and available to view in the UK on Sky 727. All of its programmes are streamed live on the internet via the Channel’s website.

Testaments to its reputation are certificates and accreditation which Islam Channel has been awarded from the following reputable establishments:

  • Public Media Alliance. Broadcasting Association
  • The Association of International Broadcasting
  • Institute of Directors

Presenting a standing unfounded anywhere else, Islam Channel truly aims to be the voice for the voiceless and cover aspects that so many others leave out.



Islam Channel provides programmes which are original, educational, informative and entertaining, while at the same time providing a platform for the untapped vibrant talent across the UK and around the world. The main objectives of Islam Channel are to promote both critical thinking and problem solving, so that viewers can benefit from programmes that are not only interactive but also meaningful.

The majority of the programs on Islam Channel are produced by Islam Channel, such as our pre-recorded programs and documentaries. With its own studios, production crew, necessary equipment for in-door and out-doors shoots, graphics team, editing team and line-up of experienced producers, we take a concept from initial stages to the end final product.

Mohamed Ali Harrath

Chief Executive Officer Islam Channel

bautmanThe idea to launch Islam Channel came about at a time when there was a growing demand among Muslims for an alternative media that represented them and also gave them a voice. In a multi-cultural society it is essential that everyone feels part of the wider community, where everyone is treated
equally and with justice.

Muslims have over the years been feeling increasingly alienated through a constant flow of Islamaphobic misconceptions, filtered through the media, influencing further divisions amongst communities, to the point where today we have a situation of ‘multi-culturalism versus Muslims’ Islam Channel came about to readdress the balance, to take positive steps to represent Islam and Muslims and to give news and views that do not have anti-Islamic rhetoric and propaganda.

For only through any real understanding of Islam, for
Muslims and non- Muslims, will we achieve any form of
mutual understanding and community cohesion.

Islam Channel has grown from strength to strength; it is playing an important role in a multi-cultural society, helping towards community cohesion as well as responding to the needs of Muslims in Britain and abroad.