British Muslim charity on Grenfell frontline calls for justice

6/15/2023 10:30 AM

Muslim Aid, which played a pivotal role in responding to the Grenfell tragedy, is urging for justice and accountability on the sixth anniversary of the devastating fire that took 72 lives.

The British Muslim charity joined numerous voluntary organisations in addressing the needs of Grenfell fire victims and identifying institutional gaps that rendered social housing communities vulnerable to such disasters.

In their report, "Mind the Gap: A Review of the Voluntary Sector Response to the Grenfell Tragedy," Muslim Aid highlighted the successes of collaborative efforts in both immediate and long-term responses.

Notably, their advocacy led to the implementation of one recommendation: the establishment of the National Emergencies Trust to enhance charitable responses during emergencies.

Muslim Aid stands in solidarity with those affected by the fatal fire, supporting their ongoing quest for accountability in a tragedy that claimed more than 70 lives and inflicted lasting trauma on an entire community. 

A person takes a picture of "Grenfell Heart" signs ahead of a silent march to commemorate the 6th anniversary on June 14, 2023.

Mustafa Faruqi, Chair of Muslim Aid, emphasised the urgency of holding responsible parties accountable.

He said: “The Grenfell fire was a disaster that highlighted the vulnerability of the poorest communities living in the heart of one of the richest cities in the world.

“Unlike many of the natural disasters that Muslim Aid responds to however, this was a man-made disaster and it cannot be right that six years later, no one has been held to account for the deaths of the 72 innocent people that perished.” 

For more information, read Muslim Aid's report on the Grenfell tragedy here: