Could the government revoke British citizenship without notice?

12/6/2021 9:35 AM
Clip from NewsTalk show

In this week's NewsTalk, we looked at the nationality and borders bill and the proposed changes that could see the government revoke British citizenship without notice.  

The amendment, which has been quietly introduced, would exempt the government from giving notice if it is not “reasonably practicable" to do so, thereby removing the rights of an individual to know that such a decision has been taken.

Critics argue that the bill is draconian and will disproportionately affect minorities, further entrenching a two-tier system of citizenship.

The government told Islam Channel that removing someone's citizenship has been possible for over a century and would be "a last resort" that cannot leave anyone stateless.

On our current affairs show NewsTalk, host Aaqil Ahmed discussed the issue with lawyer Tasnime Akunjee, Maya Foa from the NGO Reprieve and journalist Ellah Whelan.

We have the highlights below but watch the full show here