Joram Van Klaveren: From Far-Right Politics to Islam

9/25/2023 10:06 AM

Joram Van Klaveren's remarkable journey from far-right politics to Islam is not just a personal transformation but also the genesis of an initiative that seeks to bridge the divide between different communities. 

Co-founder of Amsterdam's Islam Experience Centre (IXC), Van Klaveren and his team are dedicated to promoting understanding and empathy among various population groups, with a focus on religious and cultural literacy.

The IXC, a private initiative born from the Islamic community in the Netherlands, emerged as a response to the growing gap between Muslims and non-Muslims in the country. The idea of "doing something" about this divide began taking shape several years ago. 

Inside the IXC

Over time, both moral and financial support for the project gained momentum, ultimately leading to the establishment of the organisation.

At its core, the IXC's mission is to remove inaccurate ideas and fears about Islam by highlighting the positive historical practices of the religion and fostering constructive dialogue. These principles serve as the bedrock of their efforts, aimed at contributing to a more harmonious society - an imperative goal in a world marked by increasing polarisation and radicalisation.

Joram at the IXC (Image: IslamOmroep)

In a time when misconceptions and prejudices often overshadow true understanding, the IXC stands as a beacon of hope. Its founders and supporters are committed to addressing the widening gap between Muslims and non-Muslims through education and open dialogue.

The centre's focus on religious and cultural literacy is an essential component of its work. 

By providing accurate information about Islam and its cultural practices, the IXC strives to dispel stereotypes and encourage empathy. 

This, in turn, creates a more inclusive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can engage in meaningful conversations and build bridges of mutual respect.

His transformation from a far-right political stance to becoming an advocate for understanding and empathy illustrates the potential for personal growth and change. 

Joram Van Klaveren will be in the UK at the end of September

Joram Van Klaveren is a key speaker at the Life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Conference on Saturday, 30 September 2023 at The ICC in Birmingham. This event is in partnership with ILM UK.

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