Life of the Prophet Muhammad Conference – Get tickets

9/25/2023 10:01 AM

Islam Channel and Islam Channel Urdu will host the first annual Life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) conference and exhibition.

In partnership with ILM UK, the event will be held on Saturday 30th September 2023, at the International Convention Centre, Birmingham.

This occasion celebrates the month of Rabi' Al-Awwal and honours Prophet Muhammad's life and teachings. It will bring together scholars, academics, religious and community leaders from across the world.

This is a family day that includes:

  • Speeches
  • Nasheeds
  • Exhibition
  • Networking

It will be a unique opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims to come together and share insights and exchange views.

The event offers fantastic opportunities to connect with a diverse audience of more than 2000 individuals, all coming together in one exciting location.

Book your spot: Be inspired and find out more about our beloved Prophet (PBUH)

Learn and engage

The all-day conference is a great opportunity to learn from scholars, leaders and community members from around the globe.

Sessions and talks will be held during the day, with panel discussions and an opportunity for open questions from the audience.

Speakers will include the founder of Islam Channel Mohamed Ali Harrath, Islamic scholar Dr. Saalim Ali Azhari, author and lecturer Sheikha Fatima Barkatulla, and author Naima Roberts.

Other contributors include Abdul Wahid Pedersen, the Vice Chairman of the Muslim Council of Denmark, and the former Dutch politician Joram Jaron van Klaveren.

Joram was an MP for The Party for Freedom, a nationalist, right-wing populist party in the Netherlands. He was well-known for his anti-Muslim comments but converted to Islam In October 2018, halfway through writing an anti-Islam book.

The exhibition is free and is expected to be attended by over 2000 visitors.

It will provide businesses with a great opportunity to showcase their brand to a predominantly Muslim audience and allow attendees to meet and connect with different exhibitors.  

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If you would like to exhibit at the event, contact brochure or, or call 0207 330 8247 or for more information