Muslim Council of Britain Warns of Sinister Rhetoric Against Muslims in General and Pro-Palestinian Supporters in Particular

10/31/2023 5:42 PM

In the face of the escalating extremist language used by the Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who started the crisis by suggesting that displaying Palestinian flags might be considered a criminal act, she has now labelled as extremists the hundreds of thousands of individuals who have peacefully taken to the streets to call for a ceasefire. They are joined by an estimated 76 per cent of the British public who have also indicated a desire for a ceasefire.


The Home Secretary’s divisive language underscores the Islamophobic bigotry that has taken hold in the Conservative Party, as exemplified in a newspaper column by a Conservative Party candidate who has crammed in as many tropes against Muslims to call for a shameless persecution of reasonable Muslim belief and practise.


The Secretary General of the MCB, Zara Mohammed says: “During these times of crisis, we call for responsible leadership. We condemn the surge in antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents since the crisis started. 


"We must all come together to find common ground and speak out against both these ills. Yet, our politicians and sections of our media are fuelling Islamophobia in plain sight and with impunity,” she added.