Muslims in Rail raises £5,000 for Muslim Aid's 'infrangible' Syria Homes project

7/11/2023 12:13 PM

Muslim Aid's partners Muslims in Rail raised enough money to build two homes in Syria for those affected by the Turkey-Syria earthquake that took place earlier this year.


Participating in the annual Al-Noor Boat Race at the weekend, Muslims In Rail raised more than £5,000 for Muslim Aid's Syria Home Project, which first started in response to dealing with the needs of Syrians who have been internally displaced in northwestern Syria because of the longstanding war.

Muslim in Rail team at the Al-Noor Boat Race


Mustafa Faruqi, Chair of Trustees at Muslim Aid accompanied the Muslims In Rail team on the boat.


The project itself became a success, with Muslim Aid taking great care to ensure the homes are not only safe and meet the needs of the beneficiaries, but are environmentally friendly by being solar powered and have solid foundations that allowed them to withstand the effects of the earthquake undamaged.

Muslim Aid's Syria Home Project


"I am proud of the ‘Muslim in Rail team’ to have achieved a remarkable feat by raising over £5000 for the ‘Muslim Aid Syrian Home Project’. The event is noteworthy not only for its significant financial contribution but also for the profound impact it has had on our collective sense of fulfilment", said Boat Captain Saad Janjua. 


"Events like these offer us a unique opportunity to express gratitude and engage in social interactions, fostering a sense of unity and connection among all participants. It is remarkable to witness how a single event can encompass all these benefits, creating a truly meaningful experience for everyone involved," he added.