“My wife’s a hijabi!" Sonny Bill Williams overjoyed after wife dons hijab

8/31/2022 7:04 PM

Former New Zealand Rugby superstar and Muslim convert Sonny Bill Williams shared his delight with fans about his wife Alana's decision to wear the hijab.

“My wife’s a hijabi! Alhamdullilah my wife decided to put the head scarf on. One of the proudest moments of my life,” he wrote on Twitter.

“What makes it so special is knowing she has done it for Allah SWT and no one else. May the most high always bless you with good health, contentment & happiness,” he added.

Williams, who converted to Islam in 2009, met Alana at a shop she worked at in 2013. After a few chaperoned meetings, they had their nikah (wedding) four weeks later.

Fans were quick to share in Williams' joy on social media:

"I decided to wear hijab during lockdown best decision I ever made. May Allah SWT keep her blessed Alhamdulillah"

"Idk what this means I am not muslim. But congratulations you all look happy. Can someone explain what this means?"

"Mine too mate. Well done for supporting her choices. Whether my wife keeps it on, or takes it off, I will always love and support her."

Williams — a proud Muslim

The 37-year-old, who has turned his attention to boxing now, is never bashful about his faith — his social media is littered with Muslim topics and themes.

Only this week, he posted a tweet about hijamah (wet cupping). "Alhamdullilah, that time of the month #Hijamah," he said.

A day earlier, he shared with his followers the book he's reading, "Problems Muslims Face in Today's World". He tweeted: "Ya Allah keep me and my close ones close to you & on the straightest of paths."

Williams also speaks out about political situations and recently posted about the attacks in Gaza. And earlier in the year, he drew parallels between Ukraine and Palestine.

"So the freedom fighters that will go to support Ukrainian soldiers won’t be called terrorists they will be called heroes," tweeted Williams.

"Rightly so, we should always support what is right. Just remember this when Muslims around the [world] go and fight for the innocent/voiceless humans also."

Image source: Sonny Bill Williams' Twitter