Quran Champions: Beautiful recitations from Qariahs

10/10/2022 11:11 AM

Ustadha Maryam Amir listens to some of the best young female Quran reciters in this series of Quran Champions.

Season one is on Islam Channel every day after Fajr. You can also catch Quran Champions on our website or our apps.

Below watch a champion Qariah's melodic recitation of Surah Al-Isra, followed by snippets from other performers in this inspiring show.

Young girl with Down syndrome memorises the Quran

Jordanian Rawan Dweik is the world's first female with Down syndrome to memorise the Holy Quran. Watch this extraordinary young girl's recitation.

Listen to Aisha Adam's melodic recitation of Surah Ad-Duhaa

Brief recitation of Surah Al-Baqarah from a champion Qariah

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