Round-up: Israel-Palestine social media coverage

10/29/2023 6:42 PM

We continue rounding up our social media coverage of the ongoing attack by Israel on Gaza.

Hundreds of thousands of people marched through central London again on Saturday to demand a ceasefire and an end to the suffering in Gaza.

It comes as Israel intensified its onslaught on pummelling Gaza, which included cutting off power and severing phone and internet services.

Here are some of the other videos we shared online this week that have collectively received over a million views on YouTube.

UN General Assembly adopts "humanitarian truce" resolution in Gaza

‍A look at last week's protest — the UK's biggest-ever Palestinian solidarity march 

Erdogan attends the "Great Palestine Meeting" in Istanbul

Israel says it will prevent Musk from providing internet to Gaza

Highlights of Lowkey's debate with Piers Morgan

The anguished distress of a bereaved father

Displaced Palestinians shelter in tents in southern Gaza

Al Jazeera Gaza bureau head's family killed in Israeli airstrike

Palestinian paramedic mourns father killed by Israeli airstrike in Gaza

Eating is getting harder for Palestinians in Gaza

Celtic fans show huge display of solidarity with Palestine

Jordan's Queen Rania highlights the West's double standards over Palestine

Palestinian journalist challenges misleading mainstream media narratives live on air

"We Cry for the Palestinians" | Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss

Ex-editor of The Sun's hateful speech against Palestinians live on air

Palestinian PM condemns 'licensing' Israeli crimes against Gazan civilians

UK PM announces extra £20 million aid for civilians in Gaza

Mohammed Bin Salman calls for an end to violence in Gaza

Labour's Keir Starmer changes tone after backlash over his stance