Social media roundup: Eid Gala dinner highlights

5/22/2023 10:24 AM

Take a peek at some of the videos we shared on social media this week! Our channels are buzzing with diverse videos covering everything from faith and current affairs to lifestyle.  

Let's dive into the highlights of what we had in store for you this week.

Islam Channel 2023 Eid Gala Highlights

We had our annual Eid Gala Dinner two weeks ago, a flagship occasion in London's Eid events calendar. Here are the highlights from the evening.  

Road to Return Episode 1: Submitting to God

"Islam is submission". Find out more from Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim in this fantastic Yaqeen Institute series.

My Parents want me to say yes, but I want to say no

What do you do if your family wants you to marry someone, but you do not want to go ahead with it? Advice from Dr Haifaa on how to deal with the tricky situation.

Moment Muslim woman in Ontario is assaulted

This disturbing footage has gone viral this week. A 27-year-old female was arrested and charged in connection to a hate-motivated incident at a Drive Test Centre in Kitchener, Canada.

Ottoman-era mosque in Greek city to be restored

According to local media, one of the oldest Ottoman mosques in Greece will be restored. The Hamza Bey Mosque dates back to around 1467.

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