Tunisia at a Crossroads: voices for democracy echo at London conference

6/27/2023 12:43 PM

In a pivotal event hosted by The Cordoba Foundation, an esteemed gathering in Central London aimed to shed light on Tunisia's current state of affairs.

Entitled "Tunisia at a Crossroads: Has the birthplace of the Arab Spring finally succumbed to tyranny?," the conference delved into the recent arrests of political leaders Rached Ghannouchi and Said Ferjeni, sparking intense discussions and calls to action.


Watch the event highlights and interviews here:

Kaouther Ferjani, daughter of detained Tunisian politician Said Ferjani said: “My father was severely tortured using methods that are illegal under international law. At times, his torture was so severe, he ended up in a coma for five days.


“Unfortunately, after all the gains, albeit imperfect, from the Tunisian revolution, at 68, my father is yet again paying the price for his commitment to human rights and his participation in democracy.”


Renowned speakers from diverse fields, including academia, politics and civil society, passionately expressed their dismay over the crackdown and its implications for Tunisia's democratic journey.


“It goes without saying that all of us here, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the families of those detained and with the pursuit of democracy and freedom in Tunisia and far beyond,” said former MEP Dr Phil Bennion and Liberal International Vice President.


With Tunisia being the birthplace of the Arab Spring, the event served as a crucial platform for assessing the nation's current trajectory.


Participants emphasised the need to uphold democratic values and voiced their unwavering support for the ongoing fight for freedom and justice in Tunisia.

Attendees left the conference with a renewed sense of urgency and a commitment to stand in solidarity with the Tunisian people in their struggle for a just and inclusive society.


As Tunisia stands at a crossroads, the event served as a powerful reminder that the journey towards democracy is an ongoing one, requiring continuous vigilance and support from the global community. 

The Cordoba Foundation's conference proved instrumental in rallying collective efforts to ensure Tunisia's path towards freedom remains steadfast and unwavering.