UK charity calls for urgent global integrated intervention in Somalia

6/27/2023 10:12 AM

Human Appeal called on the world community to support an urgent integrated humanitarian intervention in Somalia. 


This comes as part of Human Appeal’s ongoing humanitarian work in Somalia where millions are on the verge of famine due to repeated rainy season failures and conflict.


The worst hunger levels in three decades are a culmination of cyclical droughts, conflict, climate shocks, rising food prices, and national debt. No end appears in sight as the nation continues to await rainfall.

Human Appeal in action


An integrated intervention would cover humanitarian needs related to food insecurity, nutrition, water, sanitation, health and hygiene. Somalia also faces a surge in illness due to a population with a weakened immune system which is a result of malnutrition, especially in infants and children.


“One in two Somalis are facing food insecurity according to the UN and Human Appeal has been conducting humanitarian interventions in Somalia since 1991 responding to emergencies and climate shocks. So much more is urgently needed on an integrated level to help the millions of men, women and children in the midst of this dire situation that seems to have been forgotten by the World,” said Owais Khan, Human Appeal’s Deputy CEO.


Last year, UK charity Human Appeal helped 287,142 people in Somalia, including supporting over 170,000 through food projects, 98,000 through health projects, and 11,500 with clean water solutions and improved sanitation.


In Somalia, 90 per cent of all districts have been hit by drought, with people forced to flee their homes in search of food, water and pasture for their livestock. The uncertainty of displacement puts vulnerable families at risk of disease, poor hygiene, and violence.