Video: Lesson from the life of Khadijah (RA)

6/21/2023 3:56 PM

The video emphasises the impact and legacy of Khadijah (RA) - one of the greatest women in history.

Khadijah was an exceptional woman who overcame many challenges in her life. She was a respected noblewoman and a highly accomplished businesswoman.  

Her success and reputation made her a sought-after figure, and she recognised the integrity of the Prophet (SAW) and married him, knowing he would be a supportive partner in both personal and business matters.

The video highlights Khadijah's remarkable resilience and unwavering dedication to the Prophet and the cause of Islam.

“The first lesson we learn from the life of Khadijah is to live for a vision beyond our own lives,” says Fatima Barkatulla in the video.

Watch the video below

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