Video round-up: Priest and son of famous chef convert to Islam

3/14/2023 4:55 PM

As Islam continues to be the fastest-growing religion in the world, it’s not uncommon to hear about people becoming Muslim.  

This week, on social media we covered three notable conversions — a diverse mix including a priest, the son of a celebrity, and a former far-right anti-Muslim activist.

Priest converts to Islam

“One simply can’t be a priest and monk privately and a Muslim publicly.”  

Father Hilarion Heagy, a priest who had been exploring his faith and religious views, announced his conversion to Islam.  

The priest renounced his Catholic faith and changed his name to Said Abdul Latif.

In December, he wrote a lengthy Medium blog sharing his ongoing thoughts as a priest-monk becoming Muslim while on a spiritual journey.

“In order to begin my new life as a Muslim, I felt it important to head back east — to go home,” he wrote.  

“To the place where my journey into Islam began some twenty years ago at a little Islamic center in a university town in the rust belt of Appalachia.

“So began my journey back home and into the Ummah. “

Marco Pierre White's son finds solace in Islam

After being released from prison, Marco Pierre White's troubled son has converted to Islam to avoid relapsing into drug use.  

Marco Pierre White Jr is said to have converted in prison and now prays five times a day.  

Speaking to MailOnline, he said: "More than £1million has wasted because of my addictions. But Islam has helped me get through everything'

He said: “In prison I saw the lads going to pray. I would listen to them talking about the Islamic community and the Quran and I thought a lot of it made sense. I had a flick through the Quran and my interest grew.

“When I prayed to Allah I asked for my sins to be forgiven and for him to make me strong and protect me. I asked for my family to be safe - and everything has come true.

“This is crazy how everything works out for me. I do believe it has a lot to do with my prayers and my religion.”

Former far-right activist now identifies as Muslim

Shermon Burgess, the former leader of the far-right group United Patriots Front, is the latest anti-Islam activist to convert to Islam.  

Burgess was once a vocal opponent of Muslims and mosque building. “The Muslim community is so kind and amazing, if you need help they are there,” he told Crikey website.